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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Advocating “well-being of our employees”, “well-being of our customers” and “well-being of our society” as core principles, we carry out our corporate activities.

  • Well-being of our employees
  • Well-being of our customers
  • Well-being of our society

Our Corporate Philosophy and What Company We Want To Be

Masanori Suzuki / Vice-President / Director of Business Administration Office

Masanori Suzuki

As we are small company, we don’t necessarily have enough business resources like human resources, money, materials and business information. Accordingly, the management style we pursue and business strategies available for us are limited. So we have focused on the ratio of gross profit to inventory investment. If turnover rate improves even from a position of low sales and a low gross profit margin, it leads to high sales and a high gross profit margin. High turnover rate means “speed up” in business. If our work speed doubles in all processes, so does our performance. We aim to expedite work in all processes, but the task of our Business Administration Office is to make PDCA efficient as a solution. In fact, doubling performance is a very difficult goal to clear.

This is just a numerical target, not our ultimate purpose. Our purpose is to fulfill our corporate philosophy: the first priority is to attain the well-being of our employees. According to general ideas of listed companies, it is thought that a company is owned by shareholders, but we give priority to our employees. This principle is only feasible by a non-listed small company like us. As money and material things don’t have a will of their own, they are subject to the will of people who use them. Knowledge and technology as other business resources are owned by the people. In other words, people rank as the highest among all business resources. When we think of business management, we focus first on people. Our source of profits is people. As it has been long said, “A company is built upon people.”

Our company has spent a considerable amount of money on employees’ education every year, but we don’t think it as an expense. It is an investment in them. It will return to our company as profits and consequently to employees as rewards. This idea has been rooted in our corporate culture.
I always tell my young people to become a big engine of the small company to play an active role in managing the company and show their potential to the full. They will find true pleasure here that a small engine of a big company can’t fulfill.

I outlined our corporate philosophy and what our company wants to be. We are striving toward this goal day by day.

Masanori Suzuki
Vice-President & Director of Business Administration Office

March 15, 2018

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